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Long-term Disability &

Short-term Disability


The Fischer Law Firm is experienced in handling long-term disability (LTD) and short-term disability (STD) cases after the insurance company said their clients were not disabled. Richard Fischer has obtained settlements from insurance companies for his clients in Texas and New Mexico both before and after filing a lawsuit. Insurance companies are often the ones who not only determine whether or not you are disabled, but also pay benefits. Therefore, in many cases, the insurance company has an economic incentive to view your claim in the light most favorable to supporting a denial. If you obtained a LTD or STD policy through your employer, the law governing disputes over your LTD/STD claim is a federal law called the Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).


Richard Fischer can handle your LTD/STD claim from the moment the insurance company says you are not disabled. He will gather all the necessary evidence, work with your doctors to provide evidence, and submit appeals through the insurance company’s administrative review process. He can also file suit in federal court under ERISA if necessary and prosecute your lawsuit against the insurance company in order to help you to obtain your LTD/STD benefits.


The Fischer Law Firm will represent you on a contingency fee basis, which means that there is no attorney fee unless you recover money in your case.

Experienced in handling long-term disability (LTD) and short-term disability (STD) cases
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